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Navigating the Website

The serarch menus at the top of the homepage search the entire inventories of my Distributors.  The firearms pictured and described below the featured items are firearms in stock at McKinley Arms.

Purchasing Firearms in Stock from McKinley Arms

Once you purchase your firearm, and are not local, McKinley Arms needs to contact your selected Federal Firearms License (FFL) licensee to exchange licenses.  We will accomplhish this step via email.  You will need to either have your selected FFL contact McKinley Arms or provide us with contact information (email address and phone number) and we will contact your FFL.  Either way, once we have both your payment and your FFL's license we will ship your firearm the next business day by USPS Priority Mail, if handgun, or UPS Ground, if long gun.  The transfer of your gun to you will take place at your local FFL's place of business.  Your local FFL will ensure that you comply with any additional State laws.  Please be aware that some states have declared certain hand guns and long guns illegal in those states.  You are responsible for knowing the laws in your State.  Your local FFL will be able to help you do that.  If you live in a state with additional restrictions on firearms it is recommended that you discuss specific firearms with your local FFL prior to purchase.

Purchasing Firearms from McKinley Arms Distributors' Stock

The process of purchasing from Distributors' stock works exactly the same way as purchasing from McKinley Arms stock with one exeption.  Once you make your payment from Checkout, the Distributor will ship the firearm to McKinley Arms the same business day.  That will add two to three days to total shipment time to you.  The FFL process is the same and McKinley Arms shipping is the same.  Once McKinley Arms has the payment, the FFL information and the firearm in hand, McKinly Arms will ship to your FFL the next business day via carriers as described above.

Purchasing NFA/Class III Items (Silencers, Short-Barreled Rifles, etc.)

Purchasing NFA/Class III items adds another level of Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) regulations.  Anyone purchasing a firearm described above can own an NFA/Class III item.  If purchased from Distributors' inventory it takes approximately one month for the item to be shipped to McKinley Arms since the ATF must approve before shipment.  Once McKinley Arms is in possession of the item, we will assist you in filling out a Form 4 that is sent to the ATF for approval.  That approval can take anywhere from nine months to a year.  As part of completing the Form 4, you must be fingerprinted.  Your local Cheif Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) can do that on the FBI fingerprinting form that is required.  The fee for filing the Form 4 with the ATF is $200.  Once filed, you wait.  As long as you can pass the background check, approval will happen.